Gina Fatato

ginaGina grew up in Texas and has been serving in a church for about as long as she can remember. Her dad was a pastor and so, from a young age, she would pitch in on everything from Sunday school to helping clean up after the service. After high school she attended Bible college for a couple of years before transitioning to dental hygiene school. While there, she lead a Chi Alpha ministry on campus, leading students in weekly Bible studies and larger events. While working with Chi Alpha she met Nick Fatato, who she would later marry.

After she married Nick, they worked in campus ministry in Michigan and Massachusetts for 11 years. They eventually took over Boston Worship Center in Boston’s North End neighborhood, where they pastored for 9 years.


For the last 10 years, Gina has worked with Nick as a part of the Southern New England Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God. She also ministers at Common Church in downtown Boston and counsels couples through the Prepare and Enrich program.

Through all of this experience, Gina has grown to believe that no matter what we face, we often have the solution within us. We just need help uncovering it. Gina is especially passionate about talking to people in ministry, women who are married to pastors, or women who find themselves in a new season of life.

When she isn’t ministering, Gina is a mom to four adult children and the family dog, Chico. She likes reading, baking, doing puzzles, and playing word games. She also goes to the gym daily, but only occasionally enjoys it. She coaches throughout the greater Boston area and looks forward to every new challenge coaching brings.

  • As a solo entrepreneur, it is priceless to have someone available to help talk through my plans and goals. It helps even more if it is someone who can ask the right questions and understand where I'm coming from. Toby has been a great help to me, both by listening and asking questions that help me think about things from another angle. He also challenges me to ask what's next, and later reminds me about the goals I mention, in that way keeping my feet to the fire, but also giving me freedom to change my mind.       Ellen

  • I have utilized Randal Smith as my professional executive coach for more than two years. Randal provides the support and incisive thought partnering that turn conversations into leverage points for powerful action and achievement. Having an executive coach is by far the most valuable investment in professional growth I have ever made. My leadership has risen to new levels of effectiveness as a result of my commitment to working with Randal as my coach.   James, MA.

  • I’ve seen more progress in my life using coaching than any other method I have tried. I am so glad I gave coaching a try. It has changed my life.      Rachel, MA.

  • I know Brian to be an outstanding coach, having been coached by him on numerous occasions.  He is masterful at creating awareness through his coaching presence and has the ability to do deep listening, consistently keeping the ball in the client’s court.     Karen, MO.

  • The coaching I have received from Dave McNaughton has been invaluable as a church planting director and the lead pastor of a growing multi-site church. I always leave a coaching session with more clarity and insight than before.  Frank, CA.

  • Sometimes it just takes an outside perspective to spark an idea, change a pattern, or set a course for more effective ministry! At LifePointe, we have truly been blessed to have that extra nudge that Dave McNaughton brings to the table through his coaching ministry... His ministry background and knowledge of church ministry will be an asset to anyone who is desiring to be challenged to go to the next level of effectiveness in ministry.  Cecil, TX.

  • I stumbled onto coaching one day when talking to Brian about a difficult decision I had to make and I left that first coaching session feeling more hopeful than I’d felt in years. In the space of an hour, I was able to untangle my thoughts and feelings about my problem as well as pinpoint exactly what I wanted and needed to do. I’ve seen more progress in my life using this strategy of help than with any other method I’ve tried. I am so glad I was willing to give coaching a try. It has truly changed my life.     Roger, MO.

  • What I have found most helpful is the role coaching plays in helping you develop a plan to make your vision a reality. Your coach helps you think about the things you hadn’t thought about before AND lets you come up with the ideas and inspiration to carry them out. I would recommend the coaching experience to any pastor.     Dan, MA.

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