Sometimes we live as if we were the walking dead. Minds erased of all sense of priority, we simply wander in packs from meal to meal without of hint of legacy or even purpose.

But, if we catch a scent of new possibilities and long for dormant potential to flower, perhaps we should attend a funeral – ours.

Stephen Covey encouraged us to imagine what our family, friends, workmates and other acquaintances would say about our contributions, our character and impact in that moment of remembrance. Michael Hyatt, in his book, Living Forward, urges us to not only think about those comments but write our own eulogy, word for word. Then he urges us to think through and record our priorities in our key relationships and responsibilities. Finally, after defining our current reality, Hyatt outlines a process to get from where we are today (in relation to our priorities) to become the person we said we want to be known as at the end.

It’s not too late to create a life that has more meaning than, ‘he was an ok guy’ or ‘she was cool’.

Let’s ‘begin with the end in mind’ – Covey