Not every organization has the margin or resources to develop training programs or team building exercises for volunteers or staff.

Dr. Randal Smith has designed several learning events which address common organizational needs. Each event is based on a recommended book which serves as the source for both the information and conversations.  If you or your team need help in producing the kind of results that seem just outside your grasp, put Clearpoint Learning Forums in your training queue.

Learning:      knowledge or skill acquired by instruction or study

Forum:          a public meeting place for open discussion

Why do we use the term “Learning Forums”? Unlike the words training or teaching, Clearpoint believes the focus should be on the person who is growing through learning, rather than the trainer who is conveying the content. Clearpoint is committed to the art of purposeful conversation, not one sided monologue. That’s the reason Clearpoint gatherings are called forums. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of discussion, around a central topic, which will become richer and more nuanced by the contributions of all in attendance.

We can tailor each of these events to meet the specific criteria of your organization. Typically, a three hour time period provides the necessary baseline to move a team forward. However, retreat settings and multiple session formats are also available upon request.

If other types of leadership and team building materials are helpful to you and time constraints prevent you from producing high quality learning events, please give us an opportunity to customize a positive, growth oriented event for you and your organization.

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The Power of Character

Grow Up Emotionally

Identify, understand and respond to your emotional self and the people around you.

Developing a Life Plan

Create a personal and preferred future centered around Roles and Goals that begins with an imagined Eulogy – for yourself.

The Power of Effectiveness

Necessary Habits

Apply timeless principles through infusion of Covey’s 7 Habits while learning how to change the ones you must discard to meet your goals.

A Path to Productivity

Controlling time, limiting distractions, and making technology your servant instead of your master are just three of the topics discussed in this seminar.

Conversational Triage

Learn new ways to process stress filled confrontations so they move from destructive to productive.

The Power of Partnership

The Power of Coaching

Moving from asking to telling and shift the responsibility back to the one who should bear it.

Building a New Team

Learning about the strengths, preferences, and patterns of your team in order to maximize your success.

Building a Better Team

Examine the barriers, black holes and bad habits as well as the solutions to creating a less toxic, more focused team synergy.

Succession: Ensuring the Future

Information, inspiration and permission to consider the who, what and how of leadership development and transfer.