Think about it. No. Think about yourself in the midst of IT. Analyze the last blow up or tense conversation you experienced. Look at it as if you were a director of a movie with cameras available to survey the scene from every conceivable angle. In the quiet of your reflection, identify the topic. How important was it in the scheme of things, like world poverty, international conflict, and even weather related disasters. Did it qualify for the kind of heat or icy coldness that defined it?

How did you contribute to a clear understanding of the topic? Were you under control emotionally? Did you respond to a trigger word or familiar accusation that is guaranteed to blow the top off your personal volcano?

Your IQ might be fixed and probably your personality (preferences). But, the way we identify, understand and handle our emotions is a work in progress. But that’s just it. Growing in our emotional awareness requires WORK. I know I yelled again.

Get quiet. Get reflective. Get to know yourself. Get a little better with cues, comments and consequences. Get a better life as a result.