The supervisor leaned across the head of the conference table and began to bellow tired, repetitions of accusation and threats. Everyone watched in practiced disbelief as once again, the spigot opened and out spewed Flynt-like disease and destruction. No one dared to look at one another, well one guy did, me. Everyone else slowly dropped their heads into their laps and silently began to try to remember Shakespeare quotes that had some bearing on the weather outside – in Newfoundland. Unbelievable.

But, fighting fire with fire, the only openly incredulous one balled up his fists and began to engage in verbal battle, leaving everyone’s heads just short of the carpet, fighting for airspace with random bits of hair, toenail clippings and just dirt. Suddenly, I was ten again, readying my trusty weapon of choice to deliver the final blow to the forehead of the most recent Goliath. Yeah. That went well. Not.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), is a four quadrant, two axes set of skills that separate the Neandarthals of this world from the relatively successful non-Neandarthals. One axis defines skills of self mastery in two key areas; self awareness and self management. The other axis defines skills of self mastery away from one’s navel toward social awareness and relationship management. I know, off the rails, right? It turns out that being able to heighten one’s awareness of the internal and external world and our management of those same areas is more important than being right. You heard me. And I ought to know. I am a recovering idiot. Next time? Further into the abyss.